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Seaweed Vitamins Content with Great Benefits for Your Health

You surely want to know about the seaweed vitamins content as this food item is known to be very nutritious. The reason might be because seaweed contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, protein, potassium, iodine, and of course the vitamins that you want to know. Furthermore a lot of these minerals and vitamins will also give you a lot of benefits thus you will want to consume more seaweed in the future after you knows more information about it. Now let us discuss more about the reason that you might need to know for you to consume more seaweed which are the vitamins.

Beneficial seaweed vitamins that you should learn
First are the seaweed vitamins A which are very important for your health. Consuming one serving of seaweed which is around one cup will give you around 4161 UI of this vitamin A that is around 83% of your daily vitamin A needs. This vitamin is important to maintain your eyes health from night blindness. Furthermore it will also make your immune system stronger. This vitamin is also able to help your body to use another important mineral which is the iron that has important function in generating new blood cell. Furthermore this vitamin comes in the structure of beta-carotene that is known as antioxidant.
Next seaweed vitamins content that you should know is the vitamin C. Consuming one serving of nori seaweed product which is around one cup will give you around 31 milligram of this vitamin that is around 52% of your daily vitamin C needs. This vitamin is known as antioxidant vitamin and it also able to make your immune system stronger. Furthermore it will also help the synthesizing of the cartilage on your body, so your joints will stay healthy. This vitamin is also has important function to help the body absorbing iron which originate from plant resource.
As antioxidant, it is also able to protect your body from toxic which easily enter your body every day. Those toxic can come from many kinds of source such as smoke that often comes out from factory, cigarette and even vehicle that you drive. That is why, it is important for you to get enough antioxidant every day to help protecting your body from those harmful toxic.
Next is the folate which is also a type of vitamins B that also very close with vitamin B12 and B6 type. Consuming one serving of nori seaweed product which is around one cup will give you around 117 microgram of this vitamin that is around 29% of your daily folate needs.
This seaweed vitamins function is to help your body in metabolizing a type of amino acid which is very dangerous for your body named homocysteine which able to damage your heart. If you are lacking this folate in your body, then the level of homocysteine inside your body will be increase. Thus, it will also increase your risk in getting heart related disease.
This is the reason why, people in Okinawa which consume seaweed as parts of their daily meal have great artery which is free from any build up. They also have low level of homocysteine inside their body. Furthermore the folate is also helpful to protect mothers from the risk of a type of birth defects in development of the embryo neural tube.
You already know that seaweed is actually plant, which is why it is often called as sea vegetable. This vegetable is actually similar to other vegetable that has green leaves since it also contains seaweed vitamins K. This vitamin plays important role on the blood clotting process, thus it is important for you to consume food that contains vitamin K inside.
After knowing that the seaweed contains many kinds of vitamins which is very important for your body, then you should not have any doubt in consuming this food item anymore. If you are still afraid to consuming the seaweed because of the calorie content inside this food item, then you should know that the calories inside seaweed is very low. Thus by adding very little calories addition in your daily meal by eating this sea vegetable, you will still able to get the entire seaweed vitamins together with its benefits for your body that we have mentioned before.

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