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Seaweed Sargassum and Information You Should Know

Seaweed Sargassum or sometimes known as Hai Zao in Chinese provides high nutrition and has been centuries used for traditional medicine until now in modern cure like to treat goiters. Hai Zao itself is one of the most common Chinese herbs known to be used as goiter medicine. The numerous nutrients contained in sargassum explained well why this seaweed consumed by ancient Chinese and Japanese for healing herbs in order to treat certain diseases. Sargassum rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, fibre, and many more thus they can be mixed in diet menu plan because they are not only contains various nutrients, but they also lower in calories and fats.]

What is seaweed sargassum?
What is seaweed sargassum? It is basically is brown seaweed and they are actually available with wide range of species which distributed around the world mostly in tropical and temperate oceans inhabit coral reefs and shallow waters. Sargassum is edible and so they are not only used as herbal medicine, but also for many dishes recipe. Sargassum is considered to be a simple sea plant and characteristically as a plant that does not have real root, without vascular tissue, no seeds, no fruits, no flowering, and stem.
What are the seaweed sargassum benefits?
This type of seaweed has wide variety of benefits and not only for human body health, but also for environment. For example, many small marine animals like to hide and live in between sargassum since the seaweed play an important role to nursery various young aquatic species like young turtle, small fish, shrimps, and many more. And when the seaweed loses its buoyancy, they will sink to the ocean floor and then providing carbon as energy for both invertebrates and fishes in the deep sea.
Moreover, when the sargassum washed on to the shore, they will help to bind particles in order to stabilize the sand. The seaweed that accumulated on the shore will absorb the wave energy sourced from the crashing waves in order to protect coastline. So from those explanation, the sargassum despite physically appears unappealing have many benefits for both sea and coastal environment, but how about benefits for human body when consumed? Here are the lists of seaweed sargassum benefits:
1.      Improve digestion system
Sargassum packed with high amount of fiber and thus they are good for digestion especially when consumed to smoothing digestive system since the fiber support healthy bower movement. The dieter fiber also helps to cure constipation and diarrhea.
2.      Enhance strong bones
One of the healthiest benefits of seaweed sargassum is to strengthen the bones and if you concerned about osteoporosis when you getting old then eating sargassum helps to prevent this weakness. Sargassum contains high quality calcium to improve strong bones and they are contains more calcium even compared with milk.
3.      Improve blood circulation
Just like other types of seaweed, sargassum contains high amount of iron to support hemoglobin production in the body. Having sargassum and consumed it properly will prevent anemia.
4.      Good for diet
Seaweed is known to have lower cholesterol and fast level thus they are good to be a part of weight loss diet. Furthermore, sargassum contains protein and fiber which can help to make you feeling full for period of time and help body metabolism.
5.      Enhance energy levels
Sargassum rich in iron, one type of mineral which good to prevent anemia and also it helps to enhance red blood cell production so it can increase oxygen count in your body. In the end your body getting stronger with energy levels provided.
Other sargassum seaweed benefits are:
-          It helps to eliminate cholesterol
-          Aids in relaxation and to relief stress disorder
-          Induces sleep
-          Boost immune system, etc.
Today, there are many food products made from seaweed sargassum and they can be mixed for certain dishes recipes such as for salads, low carb diet, snacks, powder, supplements, even for beauty product like facial mask. Sargassum is edible to be consumed not only to fill the stomach but you can gain crucial healthy benefits for the body. Sargassum is really good for diet while losing some weight and it does lower calories levels as well. In conclusion, Sargassum is an important seaweed species high in numerous nutrients and benefits.

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