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Seaweed Nutritional Benefits for Body Strength and Health

Not many people know about seaweed nutritional benefits since this food itself is a new type of food in western culture. However, it is actually very common food for Asian country which also useful as medicine and other body treatment. The seaweed itself is actually an alga which is a type of plant which grows under the sea. Even though there are some algae have one cell but the seaweed itself has many cells. This sea vegetable contains many kinds of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant which make it usable for many benefits for your body. That is also the reason why seaweed is important and often used as traditional medicine in many cultures.

Many kinds of seaweed nutritional benefits you can get
Actually there are different types of seaweed which differentiate according to its cell structure, pigments and many others. Some of the most common types of seaweed which often consumed by people such as the green algae which consist of sea grape, and sea lettuce, the brown algae which consist of kelp, kombu, wakame, and arame, the red algae which consist of laver, nori, and dulse, the blue-green algae which consist of chlorella as well as spirulina.
Because of unique nutritional content that the seaweed has, it has many kinds of benefits that you can take. Here are several seaweed nutritional benefits that you can make use of:
1.      Detox
The seaweed contains high amount of vitamins which are D, C, B, and E. As it is a sea vegetable, it is also contains vitamin K which is very beneficial for the blood clotting function. Meanwhile the vitamins also useful as antioxidant which will help your body to get rid of toxic which becomes the pollutant inside your body. That is why, by consuming seaweed, it will give good benefits for your body. You can use it for detoxing your body from pollutant which often found in common environment from the smoke created by the cigarette, vehicle, and factory.
Another strong detox comes from the iodine content inside the seaweed. As you know the seaweed is a vegetable which grows under the sea thus it naturally content iodine in high amount especially on the brown seaweed type. This iodine content has very strong detox which able to get rid of radiation comes from radioactive chemical. Although not many people have this problem, but it shows how powerful the seaweed nutritional benefits are.
2.      Digestion health
Seaweed as other vegetable also contains a lot of fiber which would be beneficial for your digestion health. Furthermore there are plenty of soluble fibers among those fibers which will make you feel full after you eat it thus you would not want to eat more in shorter time.
The seaweed also contains the alginate which is a type of polysaccharide that is able to strengthen your gut mucus that is usable to protect your gut wall as well as making the food that you consume to release its energy slower.
Because of the good content inside the seaweed thus when you eat seaweed you will get the seaweed nutritional benefits which able to make the good bacteria inside your gut will be stronger. If you have stronger gut bacteria, then you will be able to consume food better.
3.      Heart health
There are a lot of omegas 3 inside the seaweed as it is a food item originate from the sea with many seaweed nutritional benefits. It contains DHA which is a type that you often found inside shellfish or fish as well as EPA. The nutrition inside the seaweed is able to reduce the blood pressure inside the body thus lowering the risk from stroke as well as other cardiovascular problems that you may encounter. This has been proof by the Okinawans which has low level of homocysteine and cholesterol as well as having clean artery without any build up.
4.      Hormone benefits
The seaweed also contains lignans which will be turned into phytoestrogens inside your body. This substance is able to get rid of chemical oestrogens which able to prevent dangerous cancers for example breast cancer.
With many kinds of seaweed nutritional benefits, your body will become healthier and stronger. Thus you will life better life so you should try to include seaweed as one of the food which you consume.

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