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Indonesian Shrimp Production with High Quality Product

The Indonesian shrimp production is already advanced right now, since they do not only catch it from the sea but also farm shrimp in freshwater. Indonesia has warm climate, thus it is suitable place to do shrimp farming in this country. Furthermore this business is very profitable as shrimp demand keeps increasing every year. Actually shrimp farming has begun since the seventies era in the US as well as European country then spread to Asian country like in Indonesia. However, as Indonesia has warmer climate, then the shrimp product in this country grows rapidly as the quality that they have also very high. That is why main production for farmed shrimp in the world is located in Asian country.

The best Indonesian shrimp production method
The Indonesian shrimp production has grown rapidly and continues to transform to be better. It used to be done in small scale farming, but now you can see that the shrimp farming is done in more professional way. However, until now the shrimp species that is farmed all around the world is only limited. And in Asian country such as Indonesia, the Macrobrachium rosenbergii is one of the most popular species that they farm. This shrimp is actually native in south Asian countries thus it is very suitable to be farmed in Indonesia. But, there are still many other species of shrimps, which are farmed in the country.
The Indonesian shrimp production is started from the juvenile stage then growing it into adult shrimp until it can be sold for some profit. That is why the successfulness of the production is very depended on the quality of the pond in which the shrimp will be growing inside. However, a pond that only recently being dug, might not be a good place for the shrimp to grow. The reason is because the food supply available inside the pond is too little so it is not enough for the shrimp.
The shrimp inside the pond will usually eat algae as well as other insect larva. However, during the first year since the pond is dug, there are no supplies of those things which become the shrimp food. So during the early stage of the shrimp growth, it is better to store the juvenile inside other place so you can grow it inside the growing pond in the later stage.
To start the Indonesian shrimp production, usually the juvenile is taken from other hatchery place as the farmer does not have any. But since there are many hatchery that sold shrimp juvenile then it is actually quite easy to get the early stage of shrimp in Indonesia.
Making the pond as a place to grow the shrimp is very easy since the farmer only need to dig in the same way as catfish pond. However, sometimes the shrimp can also be farm using swimming pool, big water tank, as well as large size fish tank. But the natural pond usually produces the best result especially for commercial production. The pond itself should have great water flow as it is important aspect for shrimp to grow in fresh water. Furthermore the oxygen supply should also be enough for the shrimp to survive. Not forgetting the soil condition which should be perfect so it can retain the water content inside.
The water content used in the Indonesian shrimp production, should also in excellent quality that is acceptable for the shrimp to grow. The water is usually taken from river, stream, and even reservoir. The quality of the water also inspected first before usage to ensure that it is suitable to be used by the shrimp to grow.
Actually the shrimp would be able to find their own food in the pond as they grow larger. So it does not need to be feed with anything. Nevertheless to make the shrimp grow bigger sometimes the farmer will give the same feeder that is also used on catfish feeder since the nutrient that they need is similar even though the quantity is different. After the shrimp gain enough weight, then it can be harvest.
Those are several things that happen on Indonesian shrimp production which they use to create their product in high quality. As it has high quality, you might also want to get this product by yourself.

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