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Best Indonesia Carrageenan Manufacturers for Diary Factory

If you own a diary product factory, then you might want to work together with Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers to get their product. Those who are inside food industry already know that Indonesia is famous for their carrageenan manufacturing. This substance is needed in the making process of many kinds of product including those dairy products that you create. However, you surely want to get the best carrageenan substance to help you in making dairy products for your customer. With the best substance, then you will be able to create the best product in your carrageenan factory. This is the reason why you should try to work with the best carrageenan manufacturer in Indonesia.

Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers product creation
If you have not know already, the carrageenan is a type of food additive with ability to thicken, stabilize and gelling many kinds of food. The food additive itself has this ability because of the unique properties that it has which is to bind together with protein nutrient that is available on the food product that is created with this food additive. That is why, when you create dairy product then it will be better to also include this food additive as one of the ingredient.
As you know, the diary product that you create contains a lot of protein from the milk inside. That is why Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers says this food additive, is able to bind well with the protein inside the milk when you create this product. By adding this food additive into your dairy product, then the product will get thicker and it will still have stabile form even when you do not use too many proteins inside the product itself. Thus by adding this food additive, inside the dairy product, then you will be able to create the product itself with less protein ingredient. At the same time, you do not need to worry as the texture, appearance and the thickness will still the same as product with normal amount of protein ingredient.
Thus the reason why a lot of dairy factory are using this food additive as one of the ingredient, is because they can create the dairy product without using too much ingredient but still have the same quality. By doing this then the dairy factory can sell their product in cheaper price. This means that the product will be available for people in larger range since more people can afford purchasing this product. So you do not need to be worry when you want to work together with Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers, as you will get more profit by selling more of your product.
But before you can use this food additive inside your dairy product, surely you also want to know the method that the manufacturer does to create the carrageenan. Actually this food additive is derived from red seaweed. Thus the manufacturer needs to have red seaweed in large amount and that can only be done by farming. The farm itself is created in the sea near its surface so it will be easier to harvest it later on. That is why; bamboo stick is floated on the sea surface as tools to guide the seaweed underneath it.
Then the Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers will attach nylon string as the place for the red seaweed to grow. This string itself usually has 2 meter length downwards into the sea since the seaweed can also grow until that height. Once the seaweed has 1 kg weight then it will be harvest to make the carrageenan after drying it first before being sent into the manufacturer locations.
Once it is arrived on Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers factory then it will be grind then sift and washed so no impurities will mixed inside. Then it will be soaked using hot alkali solution which trigger the carrageenan formation along with cellulose in the substance. Mechanical method is used to remove the cellulose then the rest will be evaporated to take carrageenan in solid form. Last it will be grind to make it into finer power.
Those are the method used by Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers when they want to create the food additive product. Now you can use that food additive in your diary product to make it become thicker and richer so easy to produce.

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