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Seaweed Korean Consumption and Benefits

Edible seaweed Korean also called as Gim or romanized as Kim has been consumed by Korean for centuries even until modern day while in Japan it sold as nori. Each year, they are tons of Korean seaweed produced and then distributed domestically and internationally. And since natural grown gim harvested wildly cannot meet market demands, most of commercial seaweed products sold in the market sourced from seaweed farms or cultivated. More information about Korean seaweed can be learned below along with the nutritional facts and the benefits of eating Korean seaweed.
About seaweed Korean and its benefits
Seaweed Korean layer is really popular nowadays and if for decades, Korean seaweed layer was barely eaten outside Korean community; today they are sold worldwide in various countries including westerners and promoted as delicious low calories snack. Although Korean seaweed is not as popular as Kimchi, however they are close since both of them can be used as staples for many rice-based meals. And they are now increasingly popular for non-Korean as well.
Dried seaweed Korean can be found in many groceries both as domestic product and imported product. Some manufacturers even market them as organic food and snack. Original seaweed layer gets additional salt to increase the taste while other seaweed products comes in various flavors such as sweet soy, honey, sesame, and many more. Many seasoning seaweed producers use the term of seaweed snack or crispy seaweed snack with various nutrients including minerals, vitamins, and protein. Seaweed snack made in Korean just like other types of seaweed in most countries contain lower calories and fats and thus they are good to be a part of healthy diet.
Here are the seaweed Korean benefits thanks to its nutritional contains such as:
-          It helps to boost immune system from the high amount of vitamin C levels contained in the seaweed.
-          It helps to improve strong bones because the seaweed rich in calcium and magnesium.
-          Since Korean seaweed high in iodine, it helps to prevent thyroid problems such as thyroid enlargement, etc.
-          Seaweed contains vitamin A which powerful to prevent eyes problems and maintain healthy eyes while improve our vision.
-          Seaweed can help to prevent anemia due to the high level of iron to support red blood cell production.
-          Seaweed high in fibre levels and therefore they can be consumed to deal with constipation, diarrhea and other digestion issues. They are also good to improve digestive system.
-          Essential mineral which is potassium can help lower blood pressure and so they are good to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.
-          Seaweed good for weight loss diet by making you feeling full for certain period of time.
In conclusion, eating seaweed Korean products provide you with numerous healthy benefits from the content just like the benefits listed above. Seaweed from Korea is not only tasty, but strongly recommended for its nutritional benefits.
Seaweed Korean soup
Seaweed has been centuries made as soup ingredient in Korea and they are popularly consumed for birthday soup. When the Korean women give birth they are feed on Mi yuk guk, a Korean birthday soup made from seaweed due to the good health. Seaweed contains high level of iodine and irons which useful to restore the blood that loss when women gave birth, furthermore the minerals help to produce milk as well.
Since seaweed soup becomes the mother first meal, they also consumed as the baby’s first meal. Because Korean culture is based on Confucianism, therefore the birthday of Korean people is used as reminder for the day when their mother gave them life and so as a sign of respect for to the elders especially the mother, when Korean people celebrate their birthday, they eat Seaweed Korean soup and this is also used as a way to give thanks.
Of course you can make many dishes with seaweeds as the main or additional ingredient. You can find seaweed Korean suppliers that sold high quality of seaweeds so you can start to sell or make your own seaweed products or dishes. Nowadays, seaweeds can be found easily at many major Asian groceries or retailers. You can also contact the nearest suppliers to supply you with high quality of Korean seaweeds now.

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