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Nori Nutrition Facts for Health and Daily Needs

Some of you might be interested to know about nori nutrition facts since this food item has recently gain a lot of popularity. You might see nori often in Japanese restaurant since it is used to wrap sushi or in Korean restaurant as gim since it is used to wrap gimbap. In Wales, it is known as laver seaweed, where it is used to make laver bread. However, the usage of nori is not common in western country, thus many people does not know about the existence of this food item for a long time. 

List of great nori nutrition facts you should know
Now with the popularity of Asian dish in western country, then the popularity of nori is also rising. This might be the reason why a lot of people search for nori nutrition facts so they can be more informed on things that they want to eat beforehand. However, in Asian country, nori has been consumed for thousands of years. In fact, for 1300 years, people in Japan have consumed the seaweed as nori in parts of their daily meal consumption. Now if you want to get to know about this food item more, then you should know there is a lot of nutrition that you can get from it.
1.      Low calories
For you who are concern about your daily calories consumption before eating the nori, then you should not worry too much. Especially since nori has low calories in fact, one sheet of this nori which has around 2.5 gram of weight only contains around 5 calories. That is why; you can even eat the whole pack of nori but only consume around 50 calories. It is important for you to add more food with low calories as it will be able to help you to maintain your weight better.
2.      Low energy
Since you already know about nori nutrition facts which has low calories, then you should also know that this food item also low in energy. Every sheet of nori even contains 0 gram of carbs and fat. However, it still contains 1 gram of protein and fiber. Even though it seems too little but eating it little by little is still count towards your daily 25 gram of fiber needs. Even though the protein in nori is only a little and it does not contain amino acid which is essential for your body, but still it can help you get several amino acid that you need.
3.      Iodine
As the nori is made from seaweed which is a type of plant that grows inside the sea, thus it is naturally contains iodine. In fact, one sheet of this nori is already able to cover 70% of your daily iodine needs. The iodine itself is a very essential nutrition that helps your body to change the food that you eat to be the energy that your body uses. If you do not earn enough iodine in your body, then you may get hypothyroidism or goiters disease. Iodine sodium salt is commonly used to fulfill daily iodine needs by many people. However replacing them with nori make it easier for you to fulfill daily iodine needs without eating too much sodium.
4.      Vitamin C
Since the vitamin C could not be stored inside your body, thus you will need to constantly consume vitamin C. In the nori nutrition facts you should know that nori can be used as a source of vitamin C since a sheet of this food item can fulfill 10% of your daily vitamin C needs. This vitamin is also useful to repair damaged tissue and its growth. Furthermore vitamin C also acts as antioxidant which can help your body to eliminate harmful toxic.
5.      Other nutrition
There is a lot of other seaweed nutrition that you will get inside the nori. One is potassium which can reduce the blood pressure, and counter sodium effect. Next is vitamin A which is important for your eyesight and great skin. Then there is magnesium that can regulate blood pressure, as well as maintains blood sugar.
Those are nori nutrition facts that you should know if you are still having some doubt before consuming this food item. As there is a lot of good nutrition inside the nori, now you can consume it easily.

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