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Is Seaweed Nutritious and Beneficial for Your Body?

You might be surprised when seeing seaweed gain a lot of popularity these days which make you wonder is seaweed nutritious? Even though it is not commonly eaten in western country, but it is actually very common food item in other parts of the world. Furthermore there are actually thousands kinds of seaweed even though only tens are consumed regularly by people all over the world. In America itself, the seaweed has gain a lot of popularity since it is considered as “new kale” since seaweed itself is often called as sea vegetable.

Is seaweed nutritious? Learn the Nutrition Benefits
The reason why seaweed has gained a lot of popularity these days is because there are many kinds of nutrition that you can found inside seaweed. People that know about its nutrition benefits surely want to get those benefits for their health. Here is some of the nutrition that you will get from seaweed:
1.      Protein
Actually seaweed itself contains different level of protein according to their type. The highest protein content is found on red seaweed type which has protein as much as 50 grams in every 3.5 ounce nori.
2.      Vitamin
Is seaweed nutritious ? As a sea vegetable, the seaweed also contains a lot of vitamins. There is carotenoids inside the seaweed which is a form of vitamin A. it also contains many other vitamins such as D, C, E and B. Furthermore this sea vegetable is the only non animal and natural source that you can find for vitamin B12, thus it is very good for those who are vegan. Vitamin B12 itself is very important for the body and cognitive function. This sea vegetable is similar to all leafy vegetable, thus it also contains vitamin K that is important for the blood clotting function.
3.      Minerals
This food item also has rich mineral content which is even higher than what is found on land vegetable. Iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and iodine are concentrated inside seawater, which is why this sea vegetable has high content of those minerals. Furthermore it also contains zinc, folate, and calcium which are very important micro nutrition for your body.
4.      Omega 3
Is seaweed nutritious? A special thing that you will get from this sea vegetable which you cannot get from a land vegetable is that the seaweed contains fatty acid which is important for your body which is the omega 3. Since it has EPA and DHA, the algae oil made using this seaweed can be used as the source of omega 3 for vegetarian. As you know this special seaweed nutrition is needed to get healthier heart, it also able to lower the blood pressure. Thus by consuming this seaweed, it will be able to reduce the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular problem.
5.      Antioxidant
This seaweed also rich in antioxidant properties thus it is good to include this sea vegetable as parts of your diet. The antioxidant will be able to protect you from oxidative and it can also prevent dangerous disease such as breast cancer.
Furthermore seaweed is good for detox since it is able to eliminate harmful chemical from your body. It can even help to get rid strontium which is a dangerous chemical found in radioactive, it show how powerful this sea vegetable is. On lighter note, it also help to detox your body from lead and cadmium which often found on smoke generated by transportation, industrial and cigarette smoke.
6.      Prebiotic and fiber
Is seaweed nutritious? As vegetable, seaweed also contains fiber which is very good for your digestion health. Furthermore it also contains special carbohydrate such as galactan, fucan, carrageenan, and many others which will be consume by the gut bacteria. The bacteria that get good food from the seaweed content will be stronger, thus you will get better digestion and strengthen the gut itself. Thus by having these good bacteria inside your gut, then you will be able to digest different kinds of food better.
Those are several seaweed nutrition that you will found inside the seaweed, so you should not have to ask, is seaweed nutritious anymore. Those nutrients are also very useful for your body health thus it is very important for you to know about the health benefits that you can get from those nutrients.

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