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Why is Seaweed So Important? Here are the Reasons!

There are many reasons of why is seaweed so important not only for human food source but also for our ecosystem. First thing first, you should understand about what is seaweed. It is a common name to refer countless species of marine plants and algae which grow not only in the ocean, but also lakes and rivers as well as other water bodies. Surprisingly there are more than 10,000 species of seaweed can be found and the real figure is even reach 45,000. Seaweed has numerous benefits for body health either consumed or applied. And the benefits of seaweed are not only important for human, but also for fish and our planet as a whole.

Seaweed can be grouped into three different types which are: brown seaweed, red seaweed, and green seaweed. Brown seaweed or algae is the largest type of seaweed and sometime it is also appears a bit yellowish to brown color. Meanwhile, there are more than 6,000 different species of red algae and they can be used as food additives or as part of Asian dishes. Green algae can be found in freshwater or marine habitats, there are more than 4,000 species of green seaweed and the algae available in three different forms including colonial, unicellular, and multi-cellular. Those three types of seaweed or algae is really essential since they have their own benefits or advantages.
Why is seaweed so important to our planet and the fish?
First, we need to talk about why is seaweed so important for the fish. Since seaweed usually have lot of crannies, nooks, and shady areas, the fish especially the small ones like to hide and live in the algae territories. For example, many small fish need to hide themselves among the algae so they are not caught by bigger predatory fish. Moreover, some fish do eat seaweed and even several species only consume feed on seaweed. Of course it is herbivore species that eat seaweeds.
Now in terms of why is seaweed so important to our planet, it is because seaweed is also produce oxygen just like trees and grass on land. Therefore, every air that we breathe is comes from the seaweed as well. That’s why without seaweed, our planet will be different places to have.
Why is seaweed so important to human body?
It is very recommended that we add seaweed into our dietary plans since seaweed nutrition is rich. Seaweed can be consumed and applied to experience the benefits. When consumed, of course the first thing that comes into mind must be sushi wrapped in seaweed. However, you can also cook the seaweed by toss them into your soups, salads, and stews. Most of Japanese and Koreans people have known of the powerful health advantages of these sea vegetables for centuries. Nowadays, seaweed in dried form such as nori is gain more and more popularity since you can eat them alone directly.
Why is seaweed so important for human body, it is because it offers variety of health benefits such as:
1.      Improve healthy heart and lower blood pressure
Protein and fatty acids are not only can be found in fish, but seaweed as well thus it can help to prevent stroke and reducing blood pressure. Furthermore, if you want to look for some food that can help to improve cardiovascular health then you can depend on seaweed too. Seaweed is also rich in fiber which is good for your digestion system.
2.      Weight loss and thyroid health
Seaweed is known to have high iodine content that works to improve your thyroid function and keep it healthy. It also helps to balance hormone production and since seaweed rich in protein, it helps to keep you full for extended amount of time so it helps for your weight loss diet.
3.      It helps to enhance immune system
Seaweed promotes white blood cells production which helps to fight against bacteria and viruses. It also helps to enhance immune system thanks to its nutrition contents. Meanwhile, seaweed also works as detoxification by removing heavy metal toxins thanks to the chlorophyll content.
In fact there are still many benefits which you can get when consuming seaweed and this is the reason of why is seaweed so important for both our planet and of course our self. Besides, there is no reason of why you should not eat seaweed.

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